Nothing is like expecting.

No one knows who coined the phrase “the one who waits for something good, never waits too long”, but it may well have been an asparagus growers. It takes namely up to three years from the time they planted an asparagus plant until they are tender shoots gives a great return. But that said, the result is well worth the wait.
A bit fussy plant. Asparagus plants are quite discerning with where they want to grow. For example, they prefer sunny, open positions that are not for low-lying. The plants did not like the damp soil, but prefers to be in well-drained soil but too much mud. In addition, plants protected from spring frosts. On the other hand, the plants are well established, they give good returns over many years.
There are shots you want. The first, knots maid, asparagus shoots shooting up from the ground when soil temperature climbs above 12 degrees, which is usually held in late April / early May in Kullabygden. When harvested the first shots, pushes new plant. Is it warm weather, the new shoots grow incredibly fast, up to 10 cm per day. So in other words, to be attentive to their asparagus country! Around midsummer, you have to stop harvesting in order not to empty the plant with too much food. When the shoots grow up to about 1.5 meters tall plumes and new food stored in the roots for next year’s harvest.
A dietitian’s dream. Asparagus is not only stunningly good. Asparagus shoots are also low in calories and is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and valuable trace minerals like magnesium, zinc and selenium. In addition, asparagus amounts of dietary fiber. No wonder people eat asparagus since ancient times, both for the taste as for health reasons. There is actually a recipe for asparagus in what is considered the world’s oldest cookbook, De Re coquinaria (young: “On the topic cooking”), from 300′s.
White and green asparagus? There are many varieties of asparagus (over 100) that differ in flavor, color, thickness and harvesting period. Kulla Asparagus will primarily focus on varieties Gijnlim and Avalim which is “early” varieties and Backlim giving a little later harvest. As for white asparagus, it’s actually the same type of plant as green asparagus. The difference is that when you want to have white asparagus cups to earth high above the plant and harvesting the shoots with a long special knife as soon as they penetrate the earth’s surface. Thus, it is the sunlight that makes asparagus green.
More information. If you want to know more, there is a detailed article on asparagus in English Wikipedia.