Kulla Asparagus
- A small piece of land and big ambitions.

Johan Sjöblom, Åsa Andersson had for some time been looking for a place in Kullabygden to start their own, organic, asparagus cultivation. In order for that purpose perfectly acres of land became available in Hasslebo – symbolically enough right there Kullabergs first boulder starts shooting out of the ground – it was none of those who hesitated. The land was purchased and plans for Asparagus ball began to take physical form.
Second-generation asparagus growers.The project Kulla Asparagus is not the first time, Åsa and Johan comes into contact with agriculture and farming. Asa is a trained horticulturalist and John graduated as land surveyors from Alnarp 1997th In parallel with the ball shoots, he works as an agricultural consultant in the consulting and training to farmers in their own company Profitable Agriculture. The dream of owning a farm was awakened early on when John’s parents since 1985, operates asparagus growing on the island.
A project that will develop gradually.The idea of ​​the ball Asparagus is that over time develop an activity other than cultivation and marketing of asparagus are also able to offer opportunities for food and farming interested to be part of cultivating, harvesting and learn more about asparagus. The project will be developed in stages and the first thing that is on the program – in addition to planting of the first asparagus seedlings – is the construction of a building for asparagus handling and overnight accommodation. The ambition is both to sell directly to retail in the neighborhood, without intermediaries, and partly in collaboration with farm shops and food shops in the area.

Locally grown, organic by KRAV.Cultivation will be ecologically and KRAV-certified. It includes: that no pesticides are used and special requirements regarding manure use. REQUIREMENTS Certification takes about two years because the land previously not been REQUIREMENTS-connected have grown over time under organic production. Therefore, the ball shoots already signed up for the external certification organization TASTE, with a view to KRAV certification in connection with the 2013 harvest will be ready for sale.